The Concept

YellowBerry is a refreshing endeavour aimed at enlightening Pakistan about the health benefits of incorporating ‘natural’ handmade products in their daily routines, as opposed to industrially manufactured commercial products that contain harmful chemical substances.

Primarily a family affair, YellowBerry is the brainchild of two dynamic individuals with a passionate belief in the concept of ‘all things natural’ and wish to inculcate the same knowledge in others.

At YellowBerry, all products are handmade in the ‘kitchen’ using handpicked natural herbs and botanicals, premium food grade quality oils and butters and natural essential oils. No artificial fragrances or preservatives are used in the making of soaps and cosmetics, and all products are first tested by the team to ensure the very best quality for our customers. Because the entire ‘manufacturing process’ is within the maker’s control from start to finish, we can monitor exactly what goes into our products and hence ensure strict quality control.

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Our Core Values

Handmade – nothing can replace the human touch! YB soaps are handmade with love and care and the utmost devotion towards originality, creativity and attention to detail. There is after all no substitute for the distinctive thought process and skills of an artist, which result in one-of-a-kind products that undergo the stringent test of the human eye. 

Chemical Free – We pride our products in being free from harmful chemicals including Parabens, Triclosans, Phthalates, SLS, Petroleum Jelly, Silicones, etc. At YB, we use the finest quality natural ingredients to formulate our soaps including therapeutic essential oils, herbs and botanicals and premium grade oils and butters 

Natural – YB strives to incorporate all-natural ingredients in most of its formulations

Vegetarian – Against animal derived products and testing on animals.

Recyclable Packaging – Go green! We aim at minimising our environmental impact by focussing on recyclable packaging to including paper bands, paper bags, glass bottles and aluminium jars.