The Importance of Starting Facial Serums in Your 20's

The Importance of Starting Facial Serums in Your 20's

Did you know that the destruction your skin experiences in your 20’s is, what becomes the leading factor for skin related issues later in life? It may sound surprising, but it is true. If you do not begin paying attention to your skincare routine in your 20’s, you will have a very hard time maintaining a flawless complexion, and glowing, wrinkle free skin. This is where facial serums can literally save you. We at YellowBerry have a huge range of facial serums that you can choose from according to your distinct skincare needs.   

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What are Facial Serums?

Facial serums are basically added to skincare regimes because they are what provide all the nutrients to your skin. Unlike moisturizers that only hydrate the skin, facial serums also contains vitamins, minerals and other agents that help your skin into remaining soft, supple and young. They are highly concentrated products that contain active ingredients, which are directly absorbed into the skin.

These gel-based liquids are, according to experts, better than even the best of moisturizers in keeping the skin hydrated. But unlike creams that can feel heavy and greasy on the skin, facial serums are absorbed completely, leaving the skin shine free. This is why they can be used under makeup too.

Serums contain a wide variety of beneficial ingredients like vitamins A, C, E, as well as retinols, and other acne clearing agents. They are also suitable for all kinds of skins, sensitive, dry, oily etc. This means that no matter what kind of skin you have, facial serums are going to be advantageous for you.

Facial serums are believed to contain agents that help in keeping your skin plump, build up the collagen, and also make sure that free radicals are destroyed, reducing your chances of developing skin cancers.

Why the 20’s?

Because this is the time when your skin healing properties, start slowing down a little. And this is why your skin becomes more liable to wear and tear. Hence the need for the serum. Facial serums don’t just hydrate, they also repair the skin on a cellular level.

The one most important thing you need to understand is that prevention is better than cure. This means that even if you don’t suffer from any kind of apparent skin damage right now, using facial serums would help you to avoid getting your skin damaged from within in the later years. Your skin would already know what it would need to fight, so it would be prepared to battle with multiple tools, like good moisture content, strong cell repair system, and more.

Another thing to remember is that women develop crow’s feet sooner than they wish to. With the use of anti-aging serums, you would reduce the chances of getting wrinkles around the eyes. Anti-aging serums also make sure that you don’t develop other kinds of skin problems like hyperpigmentation, age spots, dark spots, while also protecting your skin from the dangers of the sun.

How to Use Them?

The one rule of using serums is that they must be applied on completely clean face. This means that you should put them on when you have cleansed your face, morning or night. Remember, you only need a few drops because a little goes a long way when it comes to serums. So apply a small amount on the entire face and gently pat it in. don’t rub or massage vigorously. Let the skin absorb it on its own. When your face dries completely, finish off by applying moisturizer suitable for your skin.

Be sure to use facial serums day and night. If you are using them while going out, apply sunscreen so that your skin is not damaged.

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