Does Hair Oiling Improve Hair Growth?

Does Hair Oiling Improve Hair Growth?

Does Hair Oiling Improve Hair Growth?

Remember how when you were little, grandma would force you into sitting down every weekend and oiling your hair until you cried for her to stop? Well, according to experts, oiling is essential for better hair growth and lasting shine to that lustrous mane! Surprised? It is true because you may have noticed that the week you oil your hair, they are prettier and more easily managed as compared to other days. Hence the reason why we at YellowBerry have extracted the purest version of organic hair oils that you can find.

Here are all the reasons why oiling is something you should pick up again if you aren’t doing it already.

Hair Oiling Improves Your Hair Condition

As per researchers and hair experts, oiling hair helps in improving the strength of the hair. This does not only reduce fizziness, it also aids in the prevention of breakage. This means that of you have been losing a lot of hair, oiling will help in ensuring that your hair becomes strong again and does not break.

Oiling does more. It provides your scalp with the nourishment and moisture needed for new hair growth and to keep skin conditions like dandruff at bay. Cold pressed oils contain fatty acids and vitamin E which is what provides moisture and also engulf the hair in a protective layer so that breakage is reduced significantly. It is this protective layer that also gives your hair a shine.

Research also shows that when you massage the scalp with oil, it stimulates circulation of blood on the scalp which also aids in bringing nutrients and aiding growth of hair follicles. This means that new hair will form on your scalp giving your mane a fuller look.

Does that mean you should start oiling your hair daily? Most hair experts suggest that once or twice a week is enough. But the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that the oil you use should be natural and pure. If you use a commercially produced hair oil, then it is likely to be loaded with chemicals that will only further damage your hair and scalp. Hence the reason why cold pressed oils are the best.

Why Cold Pressed Oil

What are cold pressed oils? Cold pressed is a type of oil extraction from the fruit that retains all of its nutrients, flavor, as well as aroma. Therefore, these oils work the best in improving your hair condition. Since these oils are completely pure, there is no chance of any kind of side effect.

So which hair oil should you use for your regular oiling regime? This would depend on the kind of hair you have. Here are some common ones you can try.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the most commonly used hair oil for oiling. The reason is that it helps in coconut oil helps in preventing loss of protein from the hair. It is easily absorbed by the hair and hence the hair is able to gain all the nutrients present in the oil. It is the perfect oil for all kinds of hair type.

Moroccan Argan Oil

Believed to be the king of all hair oils, Moroccan Argan oil is perfect for people who are facing hair loss. It also helps in retaining moisture, as well as shine of the hair. It has been used by the people of Morocco for centuries who swear by its effectiveness.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is another oil that is perfect for all kinds of hair and you can use it two times a week. It is lightweight which means that people who have greasy hair can use it too. It helps in softening the skin and hydrating the scalp, which is why it promotes growth of new hair.

Grapeseed Oil

Grape seed oil isn’t very commonly used for hair. This is because people don’t know just how beneficial it can be. Not only does it moisturizes the hair, it also conditions it, makes the hair strong, and also fights many kinds of scalp conditions like inflammation, dandruff and more.

Now that you know the benefit of oiling your hair, which hair oil do you plan to make a part of your hair care routine? Find out the best cold pressed oils on YewllowBerry to get shiny, healthy tresses. 

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